Guardsman Fire Doors

The Guardsman Fire Door stands out among the crowd of UK’s composite fire doors due to its remarkable, uniform resistance to fire.

Distinct from the majority of fire doors available in the British market, the Guardsman Fire Door’s resilience has been externally verified to meet the rigorous European fire test benchmark, EN 1634-1:2008. This standard is even more stringent than that required by Part B of the building regulations. Evidence points to the fact that the Guardsman Fire Door not only meets but also exceeds expectations, demonstrating an impressive performance of 100% overrun beyond the 30-minute threshold. This level of endurance is observed in both glazed and unglazed versions of the door.

Environmentally friendly:

Utilizing Agrifiber, a robust board material crafted from resin-bonded agricultural fibers, the Guardsman Fire Door boasts superior strength and stability compared to the phenolic foam employed in most alternative composite fire doors. This environmentally-friendly component not only enhances the door's performance but also contributes to improving a building's green ratings.


Adaptable to any structural door opening, the Guardsman Fire Door offers a variety of styles originating from merely two fundamental designs. Its key attribute is the consistent material densities provided by the use of Agrifiber, ensuring a steadfast and exceptional level of fire resistance with each installation.

Award winning

In recognition of its exceptional quality, the Guardsman Fire Door was honored with the Best New Product of the Year at the 2021 G Awards. This prestigious award acknowledges superior products that significantly enhance the overall performance of a building. The jury lauded its remarkable achievement of delivering a 30-minute fire door equipped with glazing, a letterplate, and compliance with the PAS 24:2016 performance standard.

Low maintenance

Equipped with a 2mm GRP skin, the Guardsman Fire Door requires minimal maintenance and exhibits robust resilience, even in high-traffic zones. This sturdiness leads to significant reductions in both maintenance and replacement expenses.

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