Conservatory Warmer Roof conversions

Do you find your conservatory unbearable in the sweltering summer and chillingly cold in the winter? This temperature inconsistency is a common issue, often resulting in limited usage of the conservatory or facing skyrocketing heating costs to maintain a comfortable temperature.

The Warmer Roof addresses this concern with its superior thermal performance, making it the most efficient roof in the market. The design involves a blend of 125mm multi-foil honeycomb insulation and an extra 53mm of insulated plasterboard, enhancing its insulation capabilities.

This top-tier insulation not only maintains a cool environment during summer but also retains warmth during the frosty winter months. As a result, you can enjoy your conservatory throughout the year, while also reducing your heating expenses.

A few common questions regarding Warmer Roof

Will a new roof really improve the temperature inside my conservatory?

Indeed! A Warmer Roof significantly alters the room's temperature, providing a warmer ambience in winter and a cooler atmosphere in summer. This ensures you can comfortably utilise your conservatory all year round.

Will my new frames withstand a new roof?

A Warmer Roof is essentially the same weight as a glass roof. In accordance with Government Guidelines, if the structure shows no signs of distress, the existing foundations are likely to be adequate to carry the small additional loadings.

Will my new room feel darker inside?

While replacing your existing roof might result in less natural light, this can be mitigated by incorporating opening roof lights and internal lighting. Such enhancements will ensure your room maintains a bright and spacious feel.

Will my new roof be strong enough to stand on to clean house windows?

Yes, your Warmer Roof is robust enough to support weight, but we strongly recommend adhering to all health and safety guidelines before attempting to do so.

Can I make the appearance of my new roof blend in with my house.

Absolutely, the Warmer Roof allows for ample customisation with an array of tile selections, as well as gutter and fascia hues, ensuring a perfect match with the existing style of your home.


Find out more about the Warmer Roof system and how will transform your home, adding value to your property and provide usable living space all year round:

A few examples of Warmer Roof installations

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